Sunday, February 15, 2015

A few days away.

Last week I headed off for Women's Conference in Southport. Now Southport is quite a nice place, its been regenerated, lots of nice modern shops and hotels, a lovely convention centre known locally as the Floral Ha;l. On the down side it was 220 miles away. The last time I went I travelled by train. The train trip was awful with three changes and lots of stairs to negotiate with a suitcase. This time when I looked at booking train seats there were engineering works on the line which would have meant three trains plus two replace service buses! No contest really. We arrived late afternoon at our guest house- The Adelphi. It was very nice and minutes from the conference centre. 

We felt like we had been sitting all day so we went out for a walk. The bridge is quite imposing, but by the time we got out the light was fading. We didn't get down to the beach that night as it was too dark. We met up with colleagues for dinner and pre conference preparation.

The following morning after breakfast we went down to the sea, only we couldn't see the sea at all!! The wet sand made it clear that there had been water fairly close to the promenade, It just wasn't anywhere near now!! The pier was standing high and dry  not a drop of water in sight!!

It was however very very windy and chilly so we had to settle for a selfie minus the sea! The Conference was interesting, not all that enjoyable but interesting. I think the idea of a women's conference is good, but the content leads so many people to use it as a Jeremy Kyle show. While I understand that people want to share their experiences I don't see how it helps move the conference business on? It slowed things so much that by the second day they had to reduce the speaking time in an effort to get everything heard.
There were a couple of interesting speakers, Yvette Cooper and Dave Prentis so on balance it was worth it to hear from them along with the networking with our national colleagues. 

Back in October my friend Wendy and I booked a surprise break for Beth's 18th birthday in November. Wendy booked for her daughter Hannah and we of course booked Beth's. Today was the day that they flew off together at silly o'clock from Luton!! Its a huge step and we are all sure they will be fine, but you can't help worrying!!We will collect them on Wednesday, Poor Wendy got the bum 4am deal!!! I have heard from her, they are in their hotel and they have had their first huge portion of Frittes and Sauce!!

Tomorrow will be a sad day, I will say good bye to a work colleague and neighbour who passed away after fighting cancer. It will be a sad day although his wife wants us to wear bright clothes to celebrate his life. RIP Dave, you were a character and a huge loss to all of us. 

Have a good week.

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