Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Well its that time of year again, February my birthday which is far too close to Christmas!! None the less we have arrived at the annual celebration!! 
This year I am feeling particularly old, I am now old enough to draw my pension should I be made redundant !! So that's a mile stone!A useful one to have in my pocket!!

I had a lovely day even though I was working, we went out for dinner in the evening. I was very lucky as I have some very generous friends who gave me some lovely gifts!!
I have a beautiful new scarf, some lovely candles, a great doodles book, flowers, money , chocs, wine to name but a few. 

Tom bought me a a candle from Imperial Candles, they smell lovely and by way of a bonus they have a piece of sterling silver jewellery hidden inside. I was given festive cranberry which smells lovely and after about 6 hours of burning the little package appeared.

You can see the little package at the top of the candle.

This was after I pulled it out!

Ta da!! a nice new silver ring, with a purple stone in the middle. It is a nice idea. 

The whole week was good, with dinner out with my oldest mates!!
Madeline, Sue and Sandra.

We have been doing birthdays at The Crooked Chimney for years and years!!

On my birthday we had dinner at the Long and Short Arm in Lemsford!

Afterwards we indulged in a few selfies with my selfie stick!

At work they 'decorated' my desk, we have miles and miles of the blue and white tape so I suspect we may be using it to celebrate everything until kingdom comes!!!

Finally I decided to do a bit of maintenance on our fish tank. We rescued the tank from a skip, thank you to our lovely neighbours who were getting rid of it, be bought a new pump and scrubbed it out, its now been running for around a year and I really like it! we invested in a few more fish which Beth has called after various footballers in the Sunderland team!

Beth also finally went on her 18th birthday trip to Amsterdam, Wendy got them to the airport at the crack of dawn and we collected them early evening a few days later. I think we got the best end of the deal ! 

Beth couldn't resist taking a photo of one of my favourite store, Blokker!! Beth and Hannah had a good look around taking in the Red Light District and several sex museums!!
So I hope you all have a good week. I am looking forward to my next weekend break which is to Warsaw at the end on March, before that I have a weekend away in London, its a tough life!!

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