Saturday, February 07, 2015

Happy Birthday Little Boy!!!

I can hardly believe its been 21 years since 'Little Ali' arrived on this earth!! Back then I was a stay at home Mum looking after Carl who was a toddler and Laura who was in infants. I was also a registered child minder and I was so pleased to be able to look after Alasdair from a very early age. He was (and still is) a lovely lad. Back in those days he was happy to play with Brio train set and millions of cars that he used to make into lines that snaked around the whole of the living room! He was such a happy chap and would follow Carl all over the place! Both Tom and I enjoyed looking after him. 

So here we are 21 years later celebrating his coming of age!! We went to Bills restaurant in town which was very nice. Its been a while since we saw Heather and Steve but the minute we meet up the time just melts away, we have been proactive and actually set up an evening together, a case of do it or before you know it another year will have passed!!

This week we finally had a little snow, I took this out of my bedroom window, in my head it looked really pretty but on closer inspection it looks more like Steptoes yard, broken fence, fallen over deck chairs, not very glamorous at all!! Next time we need a good fall of snow to cover all the imperfections!!

This morning I was very surprised to receive this package in the post. When we went away at Christmas I reviewed the hotel on Trip advisor, something I do with all the places I stay at, I really think you should give credit where it is due. It made me think about the airline as well. We had really good service from Virgin so I told them so!! This morning a package arrived with four bags containing these cute little Virgin Atlantic Air plane keyrings!! There was also a hand written note saying thank you for the review it was much appreciated. I was quite impressed that they took the time to send us something. 

I have been doing some crafty bits this week , mainly crochet of one sort or another. I have finally finished my pile of squares in bright clashing colours, I have been making them since August last year when I found the wool in a shop in Holland. It was the colour that attracted me and also the fantastic price of 99 cents for three balls of wool!

So now I have started the crocheting them together chore!! which is less than a chore than the 'finishing off the ends' chore which I have spent a few hours doing!!

My other crochet project is on a much larger scale, I am making some rugs out of recycled sheets for a project later in the year. The tearing up of the sheets fills the house with dust and I have to wear a mask to avoid breathing it in. On the plus side its a very fast craft, I can crochet a rug in an evening.

I have also found the perfect place to store the finished rugs, on my exercise machine, isn't that is what they are for??? 
So if anyone is getting rid of any sheets, pillow cases duvet covers, thin cotton curtains please send them my way doesn't matter if they are worn out or thread bare because they are all useful!!
Thank you.
We have half term coming up so Beth is looking forward to taking her surprise 18th Birthday long weekend. She is jetting away to my favourite city - The great Amsterdam. I am more than a little jealous because I don't have a planned visit there this year - yet!!! I am sure they will have a fantastic time!!
 Have a lovely week, don;t work too hard!! I am off to Southport at the end of the week  for some conference fun Whoop Whoop!!!

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