Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All Change

Well one thing is certain, life keeps rolling on regardless. Things change and we all are along for the ride!! Sometimes things change and take us by surprise. This year has got off to one of those starts!!

Well this week I received one of those 1am calls, Dad, is not well again and is presently in hospital. This time he did call the ambulance first. He is getting better, but I have been surprised at how much losing a nights sleep has affected me!! I don't seem to be able to make up the missing sleep! I think this is a symptom of me getting older!! Fingers crossed that Dad will be out soon.

Carl had his own good news this week. For a while he has been a world traveller, he has been more places in his young life than I have been in mine. He decided to apply for some jobs abroad. I am pleased to say that the first one he applied for offered him a job!! So we are facing a time of huge change. Its really exciting and very scary at the same time. On the positive side we will be able to visit him for our holiday!!

I keep hoping that we might get a spot of snow as the forecasts are promising it. So far we have avoided it. It is a bit chilly and windy but nothing else!!

So nothing much more to report this week, although there are some exciting trips coming up !!
Have a nice week.

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