Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day out in London.

This week winter has put in an appearance, I woke up yesterday to a sprinkling of snow, very cold and chilly, sadly this lot did not last very long, but it was just as well because I was off to London for the day. My friend was celebrating her birthday and very kindly treated the both of us to fabulous tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall. 

We set off in the morning and had a nice lunch at a pub in Kinds Cross, we then had a wander around and called in at the Mac shop at St Pancras Station, I treated myself to a nice nail varnish!! We completed the last part of our journey on the Piccadilly line to South Kensington, we took a wander up to the venue in glorious sunshine.

The afternoon was not without its hiccoughs, we managed to go in the right door, we found what we thought were our seats and sat down, we were a little early but that was fine there was a little pre show entertainment so we sat back and enjoyed it! about 10 minutes before the show we were approached by a couple who claimed to have the same seats as us, so we checked our tickets and we were still convinced we were in the right place. We spoke to the 'host' who had shown us to our seat and realised we were one row too far back! so we moved forward and took our correct seats !! (still think it was the 'hosts' fault!!)

The show was fantastic, a lot like the Lion King show at Disney's Animal Kingdom, just on a larger and grander scale. The time flew and the first half was over in no time. We popped out for a cider and went back for the second half. By the time we headed back to the station it was dark. When we arrived at Kings Cross we were undecided if we should take the slow train which was leaving soon or the fast train leaving in half an hour. So we had a drink and decided to go for the slow train, only to find once on board it wasn't actually going to where we wanted, luckily we got off in time and had to hot foot it to the other side of the station to get the correct train!!!

We did find five minutes to pop into the Happy Potter Shop on Platform 9 3/4, even Green monki had a quick look around!!

It was a great day out and we walked miles, which isn't a bad thing!!!

The doodle hearts seem to have taken off!! I have been asked to do some for friends and family, its always a bit of a shock when people like something that you make, I really enjoy making them. So this week some friends want to have a go at learning so my friend Jane has set up a 'session' at her house to teach them. If you would be interested in having a go, give me a shout and we'll organise a class of interested folk.

I have also started to receive some commissions so we now have a Folksy page with our wares. We will continue to sell the small painted furniture bits and pieces via our face book page. I really can't believe how quickly this is growing!! 

Please have a look at our Folksy Site HERE.

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