Thursday, January 01, 2015

A Packed Christmas Week.

Well here we are in 2015, Its amazing that we have a huge build up for what is in essence one day!! We had a different Christmas this year. We started off with a visit from The Reeves, followed by a candle lit carol service and mass at church. 
Christmas day was  a rag tag bunch, all of us, Tina and a last minute visit by Stuart, who had been cruelly abandoned by his family!!!

We had a lovely day, good food and great company! Even more exciting was that on Boxing day we were heading off to New York!!!!

We left at 5.15am heading for Heathrow and for Purple Parking in Bath Road. Luckily the roads were clear although it was really frosty and it took a while to defrost the car. 
We arrived with a reasonable amount of time to spare and had chance to look around the shops. We were on a Virgin Atlantic flight, its been a while since I have travelled on anything but a bargain basement airline. It was good not to have to pay for drinks and food. We had two seats behind each other so it was quite spacious with loads of leg room. The flight was quite bumpy but once we had arrived at JFK we got a cab directly to our hotel.

The hotel was quite an experience, there was a huge queue at reception which took about an hour to get through. Once we were being seen we then had trouble getting the room sorted out, they were totally disorganised and wildly understaffed, but we stuck with it and were eventually allocated a room on the 8th floor. It was a strange hotel, poor reviews but good prices so we knew it was a gamble, it had 1700 rooms!! Once we got to the room it was clean enough but very dated and not in a retro good way!! We dropped our luggage and headed out for something to eat. We went to The Heartland Brewery which was close to the hotel. Afterwards we had a walk around, there were huge queues for everything. We called into Macy's who were having a one day sale, it was terrible you simply couldn't move, very unpleasant shopping experience!!

We decided to visit the Empire State building that evening both Carl and I had been up during the day before so we were keen to see how it was at night. Again we were faced with huge queues but we eventually got through and after Beth had her new selfie stick impounded we headed for the top!!

 It was freezing cold at the top and quite crowded, we had a good look around and the views were really out of this world. Its odd how it doesn't feel that high up, it was however very blustery!!

We finally got to bed after a really long day, planning for the following mornings activities!!

I wish you all a very happy New Year .

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