Friday, January 02, 2015

Day Two - Carlos Bakery Visit!

After a good night sleep, I got up and had a shower, to say it was powerful is an understatement !! It felt like a power washer! Very invigorating!!
We headed off to take a train on the underground Path line. We were heading for Hoboken. It wasn't a difficult journey and we arrived early - the benefit of swapping time zones!! We took a walk up to the bakery and ordered an assortment of Canoli's  for breakfast!

The program is called Cake Boss and is on Cable TV. Its a great show so it was on our list of things to see. The last time Carl went it was packed and he had to queue to get in, this time we were there so early that we were able to walk in without any problems!!

The shop was opposite the City Hall, it all felt a bit Disney like!!

We walked down to a park by the water to eat our breakfast, we walked past this amazing alleyway!!
I couldn't believe the wiring!!

The sun was up over the water and the buildings were rising from the mist! We were able to get some lovely photos of the skyline. 

On the way back we used our return ticket to visit Ground Zero. We bought tickets for the museum and returned around an hour later to go in. It was a very moving display a horrible horrible day for all of the people involved. We were able to hear the stories of people who had been affected in all sorts of ways. While walking around the monument we spotted a chap with our surname, he had been a fire fighter, with all the thousands of people mentioned we were very surprised when we came across him again and again through the museum. 

I was particularly interested in the roles that the Police Officers and Fire fighters played that day, so it was good to see that our name sake was one of the fire fighters. The whole museum and the reflection pools were stunning, the whole place is well worth a visit.

We rounded off the day with a trip on the Staten Island Ferry, it was stuffed with tourists all trying to get their free view of the Statue of Liberty! 

We ended the day with a beautiful sunset!

It was a wonderful busy day and by the end we were exhausted!! We had walked miles and miles !!

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