Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Mysterious Properties of iCloud......

You have no idea just how frustrating it has been dealing with my new phone. I am an Iphone girl (OK old girl now!!) I have had an Iphone since the Iphone 3 so I consider myself to be fairly iphone literate. Just before Christmas my contract was finished so I upgraded to Iphone 6 and to get the best deal swapped from 02 to Vodafone. That wasn't without its problems but I finally got there.

One of the main things I use my phone for is the photos, the new phone has a much better camera and I love having a camera with me for emergencies!! So I took my new phone to New York, never actually used it for calls or texts but relied on the Wifi. I did however take lots of photos. When I got home I tried to download as I used to download and it refused to play. My photos were trapped on my phone! I read all I could about the problem. In the past it was perfect, I merely had to be on the same wifi as my home PC and previously the photos jumped from my phone to my photo stream. 

The new phone is operating on IOS 8.2 and makes use of the fabulous (not) ICloud system. I had failed to appreciate that instead of my photostream being on my PC it was now in Icloud. I spend a lot of time talking to Bruno from Appleland in Portugal who finally worked out what was going on. He was as confused as me about where the photos were going. Its a huge pain because I really don't want to upload to icloud only to download to my PC it seems a huge step backwards, I suspect that they only want to encourage people to spend more money on storage plans.

So here are a few photos that had until now been trapped on my phone!!

Coming into New York

A selfie at Ground Zero, World Trade Centre Memorial site.

Looking up to the sky, Bryant Park.

View from Bryant Park.

When Tom and I were in Rome a couple of years ago we saw a street artist who painted a picture of the Colosseum using spray paints, newspaper and a paper scraper. I had hoped we would see similar in other cities, New York was finally that city! This man was doing very similar paintings, its amazing to watch. A great souvenir of our break!

Right I am off to see if there is a short cut to photo downloading from iCloud!!  

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