Sunday, April 19, 2015

All the Children are back in England.

Today we collected Grace and Carl from Heathrow, they had travelled from Australia, three flights several time zones and total exhaustion after 26 hours on the go! We had an early start, up at 5am to collect them, it was good to see them back none the less.

They had a great time and we heard a few of their adventures on the journey home I expect over the next few weeks we will hear a few  more! I suspect we were a bit of a let down, we forgot to bring a a big banner with their names on!! We dropped Carl home and I didn't have any washing to do , the bonus of him living in his own flat!

This Easter holiday Beth went away to Spain so Tom and I had a fairly peaceful time apart from all the trips to the airport!

I have had a nice creative weekend doing a few bits and pieces to keep me amused. My friend Jane is doing a stall at a cancer research fund raiser, she needs to make a few bits and bobs, so she has started to 'create' some things to sell. Today I helped her by making a few draw string bags which we plan to fill with some useful bits. I bought a similar bag from a craft show and we know can adapt them for our needs. 

The material is really cute, lots of little pink ribbons, I have delivered them back to her and will await the filling ceremony complete with information tag!!

I have been in need of a new sewing box, I have outgrown the one that I have and its something that I use fairly regularly! Last one one of the ladies that I work with had got some sturdy shoe boxes that she had saved for me (I use them for Samaritans purse Shoebox appeal at Christmas) So I re-purposed one of them!

It was good to get my hot glue gun out again and make my box!! It didn't take too long to fill it up again, I may need to make another one, I am pleased with how it turned out.

I know that I am becoming a bit of a holiday bore, but on Friday we went around to see Raymonde and Colin. This year they have been to Taiwan a couple of times already, so it was only right that I picked their brains for the right area to stay. We had a lovely evening, great food and loads of advice about where to go and what to see, we also saw lots of pictures, I am really looking forward to going and exploring for myself! The good thing for everyone who has to put up with me going on about this is that I have now booked a hotel in Taipei - Hurrah!!! I 'think' its in a good area as per my notes. Its next to a train station so that's another good point! few more nights booked so all is well with the world!

This week I have a fair bit going on to look forward to, so have a great week and I'll be back soon.

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