Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Month is flashing by!!

Its already nearly two weeks since Grace and Carl went to Australia and watching them enjoying themselves via their posts on Face book and on Instagram has been brilliant. Soon they will start the long journey home and they must be looking forward to getting back to work with jet lag!!!

I am not really sure what this plant is, its a bit like a skinny amaryllis, I bought it from Aldi's just after Christmas, I can't remember if it was £1.49 or £1.99 either price was a bargain!! So far it has had a succession of stems bearing four flower heads. It seems to have another one coming after this one comes to an end. Just need to find out what it is now!!

There has been a fair bit going on, my friend celebrated a big birthday and her lovely husband arranged a surprise  dinner out, I was honoured to be invited along to celebrate. So went out for dinner in Harpenden! I did take a few pictures, but low light and the odd cider or two meant that they all came out a bit on the blurry side !!!

This has been a week of birthday parties, Our friend Rick has had a big birthday as well, so we celebrated with him and his family last weekend, I think when Hillary and I tried to help clearing up the sausages that had fallen on the floor by secretly putting them in Ricks pockets, that we got the evil eye from Ricks dad ;0) Fnah, Fnah!!!!

I want to send lots of love to a friend and colleague who has this week undergone a double mastectomy after 6 rounds of chemo. Thinking of you Sam and wishing you a speedy recovery xxx

This week the weather has shown us how lovely spring can be and how that lifts your spirits. There are signs of spring everywhere.

We have cut the grass twice and the weeds are trying to take over the back garden! I am hoping the good weather continues and we can make a start on clearing it all!

I am still planning our holiday for later on in the year, I am driving myself mad looking at all the possible hotels in all the various areas. I feel punch drunk with all the choice! I am sure things were easier without the Internet, now if you book a hotel you can compare prices over a huge number of sites, then when you have narrowed that choice down you have to look at all the reviews, you can spend a lifetime looking and comparing and contrasting all the reviews that are out there. You get to the point of making a decision and then something makes you think again. So far I have gone from five star hotels right down to hostels and back again!! All I have managed to do is book the first three nights and all the flights!!! I must try harder!! I feel that I am an expert in Hong Kong accommodation!

I am enjoying using the lighter evenings to do some of my craft stuff, my next project is a new sewing box, I am at the planning stage and have fallen foul of the black hole and time muncher - Pinterest! How the time flies when you start searching things on there. Before you know it you have lost three hours and you have done nothing!!! The perils of the Internet.

I am looking forward to another trip to Poland, I am going to Krakow for a few nights we are going to visit Auschwitz and the Salt mines. Poland is turning into my new favourite!!

Looking forward to the weekend, feet up and breathe....
Have fun xx

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