Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I have been visited!!

Beth and her new 'Buddy' Sam!

Yesterday my dear Scrapping Friend Shirley came up from Southampton with her Handsome son Sam. We met in London and visited the science museum. (the museum has lots of floors and few lifts) It was a very humid day and after doing the stairs loads of times we gave up and headed home. We had dinner at my house and afterwards went out to a sports club with Sue D. The kids came with us and were very well behaved. Poor Beth had another one of her nosebleeds and to top it all managed to throw her new boomerang onto the roof of the club!!


suebaru said... photos were absolutely awful!! Final installment of your 'meet a scrapper ' week tomorrow!!

Annette said...

Gorgeous ladies :) Glad you had a nice day xoxoxox

Shirley said...

I've had to log into Firefox just to tell you that, I think I hate you for putting those awful photos of me up!!!

Only kidding but ARRRRGH!