Thursday, August 16, 2007

Took a trip up the A1.

Sue and I took the girls to see Anna and her daughters. They seemed to get on straight away. I had asked Anna to do a few photos of Beth, so we went out on a photo shoot. The weather was not kind and we had to dodge the showers. Anna has got some shots, but these two above were taken by Sue on my camera, I must say I am very pleased with them, I don't take a good photo usually,so I am thrilled with these!!
Thanks Sue and Anna for a great day!
Yesterday I had a visit from the very lovely MAD GINGER CLAIRE , she was passing by on the way back to either Manchester or Nottingham (depending on which meeting had been cancelled!!) She stopped for lunch and we had a great chat, afater she left Beth asked how old she was, she was 'really funny' I asked her guess and she thought that she was around 17 !! Don't know how much Ginger had to pay her for that one!!


suebaru said...

Aw, so glad I got you some nice pics!When can we do it again?!

domestic goddess said...

had such a great day, thank you so much for driving over and bringing sue and the girls :)
love those photos of you and Beth :)

Sue said...

Wow Lyz those photos are stunning !!