Sunday, August 19, 2007

Last Day of Freedom!

Got up to pouring rain and really miserable weather. I want to get the cards for the card swap finished and then mentally prepare myself for work. Its all a bit daunting but I'll get there.Just have to hope they will be gentle with me this week!
My friend Wendy has finally exchanged contracts on her house and completed yesterday. They spent the day yesterday trying to get the place cleaned and some way inhabitable. The problem is that they need to repair some pretty major things, like broken windows, stuck front door and no sink in the bathroom. They have given themselves a week to try and get the place right, they are moving next Saturday. It seems like everyone is moving at the moment!
Carl has been saving his money from swimming all summer and he decided to treat himself to a Nintendo Wii, have had a couple of goes and it really is good fun, last night he did the boxing and the sweat was dripping off of him. Beth had a go, got carried away and hit the stair banister, hurt her hand, its easy to lose yourself with it!!


Jen said...

You've been such a busy bee!! Good luck for tomorrow ;)

suebaru said...

Hope work goes okay! Go on, get's good for you!