Thursday, September 11, 2008

Presentation Night!

Tonight we went to school for prize giving evening. They presented all the students with their GCSE and A level certificates. Towards the end they presented all special awards. Carl won the 'Ray Mchugh' Trophy for services to Drama.
The deputy head did a round up of his attributes which included his dedication to assisting his fellow pupils by doing the stage lighting for their drama productions for their exams. He spent in excess of 150 hours setting up the lights for the school production of Oliver. He was the stage manager and production manager. On the night before the technical rehearsal he stayed at school until midnight to get things right.They said he was a pleasure to teach and a thoroughly nice guy!! I have video of the presentation but Blogger is resisting my attempts to upload it!!
He also carried out his first duty as 'Deputy Head Boy' and presented some flowers to a member of the comittee. He was under strict instructions to kiss this lady on the cheek while presenting the flowers, I think she was shocked!! The deputy head girl had the best job she got to kiss the professional footballer who used to be a pupil at the school!!!!


Manna said...

Way to go, Carl!

Debbielou said...

Well done Rex ! x

gina said...

Well done Carl,
You should try youtube to upload the video and then put the link, we would all love to see it :)
Gina xxx