Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend away.

We went down to Tina and Rod's Chalet for the weekend , we seemed to have accidentally picked a weekend where it didn't rain!! Amazing!! We took Hunny and she had a good run along the beach, she didn't get too brave with the sea this time, I think she remembered getting soaked the last time!! Friday evening we arrived and had Fish and Chips with Rod, Tina, Emma and Dave. We were all really hungry having worked all day and travelled down there.

Saturday was beautiful so we walked to the beach and I took these photos, we were expecting it to be windy but it wasn't so Beth soon ditched the hoody. The sun was so hot that I picked up a bit of a tan! We popped to the shops to track down a few bargains and ended up having a Chinese for tea!!

Sunday we had a lie in, Beth and I went to the amusement arcades and managed to win some fantastic 'glass' diamonds from the 2p machines, I just need to decide what to do with them now!!! While we were out Emma decided to take a shower unfortunately the shower door decided to break, it broke into two pieces, one huge lump hitting her on the head and the second falling towards the sink scraping down the wall before exploding on the floor. The noise was so loud in our chalet that the dog jumped up, Tom thought that a car had hit the wall. Luckily Emma was not hurt badly, a small cut from flying glass.Dave ended up rescuing her and cut his feet! We all had lunch at the club which was delish! We headed home around 5.30pm, it was a brilliant weekend.


Manna said...

A Brilliant Weekend it is! What a nice get away!

Barrie said...

Glad she wasn't hurt. Gorgeous pics!