Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A great Weekend- going back to my youth!!!!

After a weekend of constant snow there was something brilliant to look forward to, a trip to the 02 to see Donny and Marie Osmond!!  All day Sunday it snowed and we were worried that we would not be able to make the trip. We had originally planned to drive to Cockfosters and get the train from there, but as the roads got worse, we changed our plans and left from WGC. That meant we had three trains to get. It started badly with the first train delayed over thirty minutes. The snow on the platform was spectacular, every time a train went through it set off a blizzard so heavy that I couldn't see the platform on the other side!

We eventually got underway and headed for Kings Cross, two trains later we arrived at a very snowy 02 arena. It was so exciting !!!

The last time I was at the 02, it was called the Millennium Dome, so at least thirteen years ago! Things had changed. We took a walk around and finally stopped for dinner at a restaurant called Thai Silk, we had a nice early bird meal for a bargain £9.50. We beat the rush!! by the time we left it was crammed with people. We still had half an hour until the arena opened so we had a drink at  an 'American' Bar by the entrance.

Once we got in, the show started and bang I was 13 again!!!!

I wasn't a big Marie fan but she was fantastic, she put on a great show, she was far better than I remembered!

Subo appeared and sang a duet with Donny, she appeared to be very nervous, but sang beautifully. she seemed to be in awe of Donny, but I expect as a girl she had been a Donny fan as well!!!

Towards the end they sat down and sung a few of the oldies.

It was a fantastic show, the audience loved it, I don't know how the pair of them had the energy to bounce around the stage for a couple of hours. We were exhausted with just getting to the venue!!
Afterwards we joined the huge queue of people waiting to go down into the underground, it was still snowing  all the trees were covered with snow, it was a magical trip!!!

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