Saturday, January 12, 2013

Back in the swing of things.

January is one of those months, a bit of an anti climax after the excesses of December, a chance to get back on the straight and narrow and look forward to the coming year. Its also a chance to get the house back into order after all the Christmas festivities. 
Beth and I have been looking at doing a bit more exercise, we have been out on our bikes and we are slowly increasing the distances that we are doing, we are not going to be worrying Bradley Wiggins anytime soon, but small steps and all that!! Our first ride out was just over a mile, we are now at nearly two miles, so we have doubled the distance and doubled the number of times we are going out in a week. 

We have also gone back to swimming, this week I did 28 lengths and she did 32. The problem with swimming this time of year is that its so cold when you have to get changed :( . I also need to find a new swim suit or I risk being banned from the pool!!
One of the nice things about January is that the bulbs that I planted back in the autumn are starting to flower, I love hyacinths, their vibrant colours and beautiful scent. I usually choose blue ones but this year changed to pink, I have the first lot flowering now, although they are a little odd with one a bit on the stunted side!!!

The weather forecast for the coming week is cold and snow, so I have been watching my storm glass to see what that is showing. It says snow is represented by large flakes towards the top of the fluid, and there are definitely large flakes towards the top!! I hope that the snow is short sharp and disappears quickly!!!

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Jen said...

Well done you! I've downloaded a walking app because I'd really like to see how far I walk - and then use that to set more goals. See you soon I hope :)