Saturday, January 26, 2013

They are back!!!

I have a bird feeder in the garden, its been out there for a few years, usually I have to fill both feeders at least once a week, but recently the birds have not been eating from the feeders :( . We had been having daily visits  from a pair of pigeons but they stopped coming and we thought that something had happened to them.
When the snow started again, I was surprised to see that we had a pair of pigeons back, I can't say that its the same pair, but they have really tucked into the food again and have been everyday for the past week.

We never seem to attract any small birds, its the whoppers that seem to like our food, we regularly get a pair of Magpies as well, they seem to scare off the little birds and the pigeons are not too keen on them either!!

We seem to have had a large amount of snow this year, I think when the trees are covered with snow it looks rather magical. The weather has been so cold that the snow has hung around for a good week. Tonight we were forecast more snow but sitting in the conservatory I can hear the rain on the roof and I can see the snow disappearing :(

Its been a busy week generally and last night it was good to go to our 'Aqua Zumba' class. I was pleased that the new swim suit I had ordered turned up in time, My old one was far too big and had lost all its support, so the new one was a huge improvement! The class is brilliant, the water resistance really has an effect on your muscles. This week we progressed to Aqua Gangnam Style, which was hilarious. We also managed a few extra lengths afterwards. I am not going to attempt any bike rides with all the ice around!!!

I am looking forward to the weekend, looking for a bit of a chill and a bead making session.
I nearly forgot, I have finally finished my crocheted blanket, it seems to weigh a ton and took a fair bit of time to construct and finish all the ends off but I am thrilled with my first attempt. I am very keen to try something else now, I wonder what to do next ?

PS it looks better in the flesh than in the photo, I have now washed it to freshen it up and I love it!!!

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