Sunday, February 03, 2013

Feeling Creative.

I have really been 'getting into' crochet at the moment. For years I thought is was really hard to do so I have not even attempted it. Well late last Year my friend Barb got me started and the rest is history. I expect one day soon I will want to make something other than squares, but for the moment its satisfying my need to be doing something with my hands while watching the TV!!

My latest enterprise is this black white and grey blanket which Beth has commissioned me to make!! Her bedroom is decorated in those colours and she said she was only thinking of me when she requested it!! Luckily the wool was on buy two get one free at Hobbycraft so I bought some and started. The good thing is it grows so quickly I have already made 9 squares and have decided to crochet  them together as I go rather than facing a whole load of making up at the end. I am pretty pleased with it so far. 

Today we went out for dinner, weekends seem to go by in a blur of trying to catch up with things missed during the week. Sometimes I feel like I am captive in the house, so today I made the decision to have lunch out, we went to the Chieftain in WGC and I had a lovely roast beef lunch. It was huge so I ended up palming some of it off on Beth and Tom.

There should have been carrots and broccoli as well but I hate both of those. The Yorkshire was massive!! There was a load of beef hiding underneath it and it was melt in the mouth tender. Best of all because they do 2-4-1 the whole bill including drinks for the three of us only came to £22. 

I have started to think about celebrating our 30th (pearl) Wedding Anniversary in June this year. Our Silver wedding anniversary was lovely, we had an afternoon tea at the golf club. Check out the photos HERE!
For this anniversary I would like to have a weekend away with my dearly beloved, without any of the children, which will be the first time in around 28 years!! All I need to do now is settle on a location. I have in my mind that I would like to visit Rome, so I have been doing a load of research and the more I do the worse it gets. I think there must be around two million hotels in Rome, its so difficult to settle on one that is a reasonable price,not one of the international chains, within reasonable distance of the centre and the Vatican, ideally I would like a balcony or roof garden to relax on. Add to that a reasonable review or two, which is where every possibility seems to fall down!!! The flights don't seem to be too much of a problem, but I am totally stumped with the choice of hotels. Has anyone been or got any suggestions??

Weekend has nearly gone again, back to the slog.


Rod Reeves said...

God Liz if you've been married for 30 years this year so have we. Where in the hell has 30 years gone?

Sue said...

Another celebrating 30 years this year!! Ours is in May .
You squares look lovely - I can only crochet and not knit ( i think coz you only need one needle!)

Liz davidson said...

We are all people of a certain era!!!
Perhaps we need to have a big celebration!!!