Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Well Done Beth!!

This afternoon Beth had an interview and aptitude tests at the local college to see if she could get a place on a childcare and young persons level two course. She prepared well and had a folder full of evidence and references to show them. We arrived in plenty of time and waited with a crowd of people all there to do a variety of interviews!
We were eventually collected and taken to the Childcare Department, a bit of a slog for those of us with dodgy hips, it was on the third floor and because they all moved off so fast we got there last and were not offered the use of the lift, which made us even later, once in the room we had a presentation and Beth went for her interview and to take the basic skills tests. 
She did very well top marks for the tests and a good interview resulting in a conditional offer of a place for September, so now all she has to do is get her predicted grades at GCSE and she is ready to go. Well done Beth !!!!

These are the lovely flowers I received on my Birthday. Orange Tulips from Madeline.

Orange roses from Laura.

Pink and White Carnations from Tom.

A beautiful display from Debbie and co.

Lily-of-the-valley from Karen, they smell glorious and I am trying very very hard not to kill them s I have had no luck with them previously. 

A floral card from Mum and Dad. 
They all seem to be lasting well its nice to have pretty flowers to cheer things up when the weather is so miserable. I am looking forward to the spring and summer and to going on holiday roll on longer days and warm lighter evenings!!!

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Raymonde said...

Well done to Beth.

Your birthday flowers are all amazing. The carnations are probably my favorite.
Glad to see you are loved and appreciated by your family and friends. We need to meet before you completely melt away!!! You are doing so well.

Take care. xxx