Sunday, March 03, 2013

A good weekend.

This weekend we have been living it up!!
On Friday night Tom and I went out with our friends Sue and John. We went to The Chieftain and had dinner and a few drinks. Because of their buy one get one free menu we had a great evening for the grand total of £16 per couple!! 

On Saturday night we went over to see Madeline, John, Tom and Grace. Its been ages since I have seen little Tom and it was good to see him again. Madeline and I had a bottle of port between us and even had to break into the emergency supply!! 

We had a Chinese and some lovely puddings.

Then we finished off with a game of Balderdash, we know how to live alright!!! It was a fab night. We have decided that we need to meet up with friends more often because when we do the years melt away and it feels like yesterday that we last got together!
At Madeline's we watched some fantastic old videos, John filmed us in 1992 when we were at Centre Parcs. It was so odd looking back and seeing ourselves and Laura as a 7 year old and Carl as a two year old. They were hilarious, I hope that John might be able to download them onto discs so we can watch them at home!!!

I have been asked what my 'Birthday' mirror looks like so I have finally got around to taking a photo;-

I am really pleased with it, it sits on my bedside table and is perfect.
I really love the place where we bought it, they have loads of 'stuff' some that you don't know you need!! 
Take a look at Fleetville Emporium, You won't be disappointed!!

So already its Sunday evening and I will have to pack my craft bits up and tidy away all the stuff until next weekend. Why do weekends go so fast??

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