Thursday, March 28, 2013

Getting ready for Easter

Who would have thought it was nearly Easter, we still have a good covering of snow and not much prospect of any warmer weather anytime soon. On the plus side it is the start of a lovely long weekend, I just hope the weather starts to improve. This time last year we were about to visit the beautiful tulip fields just outside Amsterdam, a really lovely trip this year I will have to settle for a beautiful vase of tulips, they are lovely flowers!!

I spent a very happy evening making some Easter Cards, quite often coming home from work I don't feel like doing anything, so it was great to get out all my gluing and sticking and making some cards, once you get set up its as easy to make ten as it is to make one. I forget just how relaxing it is and I am quite pleased with these which should be with family and friends by now!!

I hope you all have a lovely Easter Break. 

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