Monday, March 11, 2013


I have been busy with my crocheting, my blanket making is taking over my life. I am still a fair few squares off of finishing the black,white and grey one for Beth. I was inspired to get cracking again on Sunday evening while watching call the midwife. (which I love!!) It was quite a sad program, the last in the series. 
Part of the story line was about making knitted squares for a blanket, all through the program they knitted away making square after square. At the end they were all sewn together when magically the squares turned into crocheted squares!! It didn't ruin the show for me, but it did make me smile!!!!

I decided to do a square from the purples that Laura has requested for her blanket, just for a change.

In the flesh the pale purple looks more purple and less grey as it appears in the photo. Its nice to do something a bit different colour wise. Once these blankets are out of the way I will start learning some new techniques from my recently received books!!!

I was lucky to receive some lovely gifts and cards for Mothers day. 

I am strangely drawn to orange flowers of all sorts, these Gerberas are lovely!!
I can't wait until all the flowers in my pink basket come out. Laura bought me some Belgium chocolates I shared them and had a couple myself!!!!
We have returned to the depths of the winter with the temperature down to -4 tonight and there has been a fair amount of snow although we only have a flurry or two, Brrrr wrap up warm its cold out there. 

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