Sunday, March 10, 2013

What is going on???

Its nearly mid March and today we have had snow and more is forecast for tonight, its supposed to be spring!! I have daffodils and crocus out in the garden and its Easter in around three weeks, the weather needs to get its act together and start to warm itself up!!
I have had a nice weekend, It was Bobbies Birthday yesterday so I went to collect Beth after the party and ended up staying for tea. Today It was Dads Birthday and Mothers Day, so we went visiting and all the children came to see me!!

I had a bit of time though to make some cards out of the scraps that had been left over from scrapping last summers holiday. They are all simple but I like them!! The first one is already on its way to a friend!!

I love pre-printed sentiments, I bought these from Alexandra Palace the last time I visited back in the Autumn.

I took some photos of all the pub signs when we were on holiday in Ireland last year. I decided the only way to scrap them was to crop them a bit, that was when the troubles started, I just couldn't get them to fit on two pages and there were too many for one page, in the end I spent ages fiddling around and in the end I did just one page!!!! Grrrrrr.

Ready for another new week. Hope everyone has a good week.

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