Saturday, March 16, 2013

14 Years ago......

My little sister Val, passed away. I can not believe that it has been that long, most of the time it seems like yesterday they rest of the time it seems like forever ago. 
So much has changed since she left us. Beth was only a two year old baby, so doesn't really remember her. Now Val's daughter Emily is a mother herself with a two year old son. Val would have been a Nanny, something that I am certain she would have absolutely loved!! 
I have been looking back on some of the old photos taken when we were children living in Bedmond. It was the time when children wore matching clothes,in the top photo we were both wearing mushroom and brown coloured crimplene suits, I can remember them so clearly. three quarter length sleeves and pleated skirts!!
The photo directly above was taken in Ireland when we visited Dad's Aunty Ivy. I remember the room being so dark and she didn't want to switch lights on as it was the middle of the day! On my right wrist you can see a white bracelet, it was my favourite bracelet in the whole world. It never left her house with me, the clip that kept it together dropped out and we simply couldn't find it in the darkness, I was so upset to have lost it!!!

In this photo Val and I were in the front garden of our house in Henderson Place in Bedmond. We were in our new summer uniform all ready for the first day at school. I remember the lilac tree behind us, it smelt glorious when the sun was on it on a fine day. I have tried to recreate that by planting my own lilac tree in my own front garden, it smells lovely as well.

This was taken in the back garden in Bedmond, the thing I remember most about this photo was obviously us posing in our Brownie Uniforms.  (I was an elf and Val was a pixie!!) But for me it was shoes, they were red Clarke's sandals, I hated them, I thought them very old fashioned and  was far too old for them (in my head at least!!)

This was also taken in the back garden in Bedmond. (note the matching dresses which were bright yellow and attracted all the flies and bugs!!) I loved this swing set, I remember spending half of my life hanging upside down from the cross piece at the side !! I remember sitting on the seesaw on the right and going so high that the poles crashed off of the top of the frame. Happy days. 

Finally in this one we were at Butlins. We used to go every year and it was such a highlight to be going somewhere with free fair rides and bunk beds!!

Its funny the things you remember from years gone by!!!
Thinking of you Val.

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