Saturday, March 09, 2013

We Did It!!!!!

We have had a very busy week one way and another. My friend Sue has had an op and is now home again and when I heard from her, sore but making good progress. So get well soon Mrs Fuggle xxxx.

When I started to lose weight I made a list of things I wouldn't mind having a go at, on that list was scuba diving, so I was thrilled when Emma and Dan offered to take Beth and I for a taster session at the local pool.

We met at the pool on a very wet and cold Wednesday night. Dan had bought along all the equipment so we had a lesson before we got into the water.

Dan explained how the kit worked and all the safety features.I had not realised that it was so involved! But Dan was thorough and talked us through everything.

Then it was into the pool for a go.
We both wore t shirts over our costumes so that the harnesses we were going to be wearing would not hurt us. The cylinders were very heavy, although not as noticeable once I was in the water. 
Dan started by getting us to breath through the equipment and then once we had managed that we put out heads under water and took three breaths to see if we could cope with it.

After getting my flippers on (called fins by the professionals!!) Dan helped me with the cylinder and the carrier. 

Then I put on my mask and made sure it was a nice snug fit.

Then it was time to breathe under water!! We were both able to do that without any incident. I didn't find it a problem although we had been warned it might feel claustrophobic, we were fine.

After that we were off!!!!

To start with I tried to swim using my arms, when I should have been relying on the super power of my flippers, which actually work much better than trying to use your arms. 

We had been taught signals so that we could communicate with each other, Beth is signalling OK!!!

I hadn't realised that once under the water its a balancing act, between having some air in your suit and having weights in your pockets to keep you somewhere in the middle.

So for the first attempt, I was very pleased with myself and I really enjoyed it. I think I may well have another go and if that goes well, I might join the club!! The only thing I am not too keen on is diving in open water. The swimming pool feels safe and I don't fancy mixing it in yucky water!!!

I have a fair few other things on my to do list, I hope to be able to make a dent on them this year.
My thanks go to Emma and Dan for teaching us and taking the photos and videos.

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