Saturday, March 23, 2013

White Out!!!!!

Who would have thought that waking up in the third week in March that you would be greeted by a good covering of snow. All the poor flowers are weighed down with the white stuff.

Its getting beyond a joke, snow is nice for Christmas but any other time it is not welcome.

Mum has had a bit of a mixed week, she has finally got her 'boots' . They are medical books built at the hospital, they are huge clumpy things which are surprisingly light. The idea is that they straighten her feet which will enable her to walk properly. At the moment she walks with her feet at right angles to where they should actually be which must be very uncomfortable plus it makes it very likely that she will trip over. So these boots have a huge job to do.

Today was the first day that I have seen her in action, she seems to spend most of her time sitting in her armchair and not doing anything. She took around six steps and then headed back to her chair. I hope they do the trick, but I suspect that might be a tough job for them to achieve!!!
We have told her that if she makes an effort to get herself mobile we will look at seeing if we can take them on a cruise, but she would need to be steady enough to let us do that. Earlier this week she misjudged the  distance to the bed and ended up on the floor at 3am. Dad had to call an ambulance to check her out and get her back up, the crew were very good and got her back into bed, she really must pay attention to what she is doing she can't afford to have a bad fall again. 

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Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Caregiving is so tough! Good for you, daughter!

Getting seniors to exercise is difficult.

Walking is good, mobility prevents falls !

Cheers from Cottage Country!