Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cold weather, more snow and CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!

Its been an odd week. its been really busy and before I could think it was the weekend. Then of course the next thing is that the weekend has gone and I am headlong into another week.
All week they have been promising us more snow and the east coast of America really took a pounding with several feet of snow cutting them off. Well tonight it started here, luckily not the same as in America, just a couple of centimetres of soft slushy stuff, but I expect that will be enough to wreck the roads in the morning :(

I have spent the day catching up on some of my scrap booking, its nice reliving some of the events of last summer, the torch relay, Carl's Graduation and the Olympics. I made real headway and I am now about to start the summer holiday ones!!

While scrapping I checked into face book and found that Stuart and Bobbie had been busy making cakes, so the right thing to do was to return the resuscitation aid to them on the off chance that we might be able to assist them consuming the cakes. (in the interests of giving them positive feedback on their efforts)

So we helped by trying this cake and it was very nice!!

They refused to let us try these ones, but I will be holding that against them in the future. (photo credits to Stuart Reeves!)

I have been thinking about things that I would like to do that I have never had the chance to do so far. Being smaller in size has meant that there are more opportunities open to me. The main thing holding me back at the moment is my dodgy hip, I will have to go back to the Doctors and get things moving there. So back to the list. I have things like parachute jump, riding on a carousel horse, fitting into the Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios, being able to swim with dolphins. (actually I have heard that they aspire to swim with me, so I will oblige them one day!!) I have always wanted to have a go at diving as in an underwater cylinders on your back type, not in 'splash' style from the high boards!!! So I asked my dear God daughter if she could assist me? Emma, Dan and Rod are into diving in a big way,  I don't really fancy diving in dirty cold water a nice warm safe swimming pool would be wonderful, so Emma and Dan are going to give me a lesson!!!

Tonight after testing the chocolate cake, I tried on 'something' that I will need to wear to enable me to carry a cylinder on my back, I was surprised to learn it was medium in size, (a first for me, I am never considered a medium!) It fit !! although it did rather make a prominent feature of my upper chest ;)    Anyway I am set for a try out session with photos in Hatfield swimming pool in a few weeks time!!! Result!!

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