Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heading to the frozen north!

Over the weekend we have been subjected to more snow, it was great the first time, but its not so funny anymore. There is still a load of snow lying around and tomorrow I am heading off for a conference in Liverpool, where the forecast is more snow!!! Luckily we are travelling by train so at least I won't have to worry about driving. We will be staying in a Novotel, they are usually nice and this one seems to be attached to a huge shopping centre. We are planning on going to visit the Beatles museum which is near the port and the BT centre where the conference is. So my bag is packed and I just have my handbag to sort out with my packed lunch in the morning. 

Last week I bought myself a couple of pots of bulbs, I love spring bulbs, they are cheerful and make me long for warmer times . They have started to flower. Spring in a pot!!

The best thing was the price, a pound a pot!! The pots are pretty once the flowers are finished. 

I think I must be the last person in Welwyn Garden City to visit Sainsburys. Its been open for a fair while, but I have never been anywhere near. So today after work I decided to take a look, it has a nice selection of moving walkways, wide aisles and some helium balloons spelling out C.O.K ??? I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, I am sure it must be something very deep!! On the plus side I took a look through their sale rail and found a nice cream coloured  cardigan for £7, best of all it was only size 16!! That was very satisfying!!!

Wish me luck with my visit to the land of the Liverpudlians!!

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