Friday, January 18, 2013

And it keeps on snowing!!!!

We already had a good covering of snow from yesterday and this morning around 10am it started to snow again. In fact it kept on snowing all day and its still snowing now. It been an age since I have experienced prolonged snow!!! 

Last night I experienced a new exercise, My friend Jane (above) and Beth went to Hatfield swimming pool and took a Water Zumba class. Well it was quite an experience, lots of jumping around and trying to keep up with the instructor who worked herself into a healthy rosy glow. Mean while us 'students' were bobbing around in the water trying to control the parts of us that were bouncing around more than they should have been!! By the end of the evening we were exhausted, with freezing cold noses and ears. We thought we would go on and do a few lengths but 4 lengths later we called it a day. Today my neck aches and my arms wonder what I have been doing to them!!! The best part of the evening was that I haven't laughed so much in a swimming pool!! - Well not since we were on holiday with Rick and Dina in France watching people fall out of their costumes on a big slide!!!!

Jane wanted to make a snow man, so Beth went and knocked for her and we went out the front to start creating. Sadly we were unable to make a snow man, it was the wrong kind of snow, very dry and very powdery, it just wouldn't stick together. In the end we settled for a couple of mounds which looked surprisingly like a pair of boobs!! made us laugh!!

For the first time in her life Hunny decided that she wanted to play with a stick. She found this half a tree and decided to drag it around. She was so excited that she ran around slapping us in the legs with it!! She even laid down at one point and started to chew it. Daft dog!!

Tonight its still snowing gently now, but we have around 5 inches, and no signs of it stopping or thawing, my weather monitor still has the outside temperature  at -2, I wonder what tomorrow will bring???


Raymonde said...

I must admit I love it when it snows and that much is exciting. Keep warm :) xxx

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I don't mind the snow. What I love is the behaviour of those for whom it is a surprise; those who don't normally get a foot at a time, or the cats!
I made snow peeps, who have since melted... this is a normal amount of snow for us, but not the melt with Climate Change.