Sunday, March 08, 2015

A nice kind of weekend !

The weekend takes an age to arrive and then its gone in a flash!! We were however lucky to have a glorious weather day on Saturday which really lifts your spirits and makes you dare to believe that summer is just around the corner.
I just want to say thank you to everyone who has given me their old sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases, I have had a great time ripping them up this weekend to turn into my giant crocheted mats!! So thanks to Carol, Tina and Emma for enabling me to cover the whole of my house with an inch of dust!!

There is something satisfying about producing these huge balls of yarn!!They will keep me going for some time AND I still have half a black sack full.

On Saturday afternoon I went out for a walk with my mate Jane. We headed off for Panshanger park, we took her dog, Hunny is not very fond of any cars, so she missed out!!

We took a walk through the woods and ended up near the water. It was lovely to see the birds and the countryside alive under the warm sun.

We of course got the coat situation wrong. I have been wearing my duffle coat all winter, I also had a polo neck jumper and another jumper, as the afternoon went on it became a little warm, even for me as a generally cold person!!

We were pleased to spot some red kites flying over head. There seem to be a fair few of them around this year

Once we arrived back home, we were sat chatting in the car when we spotted this blackbird having a wash in the pond. It seems to be oblivious to us and had a good wash!! it was there for several minutes.

I think it was a confused blackbird, because last night around midnight there was a lone blackbird belting out its song! It was really noticeable in the quiet of the night, so perhaps it was this bird celebrating it being warm enough to have a bit of a spring clean!!

Today we called in on Bobbies birthday party. Its hard to believe that she will be six tomorrow! She chose to have an Alice in Wonderland party!

It was nice to see them all enjoying themselves, Dans costume was brilliant he made a great mad hatter.

Oh well back to the daily slog, I have just depressed myself by looking up on line when I can draw my pension, its at least a million years away and when I get there is not going to be worth very much :( That has made my night !!!
I hope you all have a good week.

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