Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Having a busy time!

Last week I was lucky enough to go on a trip to John Lewis, nothing unusual  with that except I'm not really a John Lewis sort of person! They had a beauty evening so I went with my neighbour and we booked ourselves a return trip for a facial and make up. We were 'done' by Estee Lauder. an interesting experience. I had not realised that there were so many steps to ensuring that you have a flawless finish to your face!! It was a good evening and I learned lots!!

If I had bought every thing that I had been used on me that night I don't think I would have any change from £300!! On top of that you have to add a selection of brushes so its not cheap. It was however a good experience and one that we can book up again in the future.
After I had been transformed we headed over to see Madeline and John to celebrate Johns birthday and to have a get together to wish Grace and Carl BonVoyage, they are heading out to Australia soon for a holiday which will involve a trip in a camper van!!

Clearly as they are heading for the colonies, it was only right that the Royal family were there to see them orff!!

As always it was a great evening and NO ONE noticed my immaculate face make up!!!

We didn't make it home until 2am, so I spent the whole weekend feeling tired, I am getting too old for late nights!!

I have an exciting few months ahead with a couple of trips in the offing, we have a trip to Warsaw, I have never been to Poland before so Tom and I will be doing that next month, not long afterwards I will be going back with a friend to Krakow !! So I will be a Poland expert soon. I have of course been unable to resist a quick trip over to Amsterdam, so I have one of those set up soon as well! I am getting good at this travel stuff!
Have a good weekend.

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