Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy birthday Dad!!

Well how fast this last year has gone? Its hard to believe that we are celebrating Dads 77th birthday!
We decided to take him out for dinner and we ended up at the Chieftain. It was a nice meal finished off with my super cake with a singing candle!!
Its hard to know what to buy the man who has everything, so we had to resort to the standbys of gardening equipment and biscuits!!

I have to say that The Chieftain is good value for money, while its not gourmet food, it has a big two for one menu. Beth and Harry managed to save some room for a 'small' pudding!

Its funny how the small things can upset the applecart! I have been going to my dentist for the past 30 years, I like him because he understands that I'm a bit weird as I like to actually see what he is doing. (its reassuring in an odd kind of way!) He has a mirror that he clips to the light and I can keep an eye on him! Well I phoned to make my check up appointment only to find that he had 'retired' Well I hadn't seen that coming! I have now been transferred to the care of the new dentist and I had the first appointment last week. Well what can I say?? The surgery has gone from comforting with lovely photos on the ceiling to keep me entertained, to the flight deck on the latest jet air plane! The whole room was bright white with turquoise trim, loads of frosted glass and loads of technical machinery. It was a real shock!!! The patients chair was intimidating and for a simple check up I had to wear sunglasses!! Sadly my mirror was no longer in evidence. Its all very unsettling. Considering I was only there for a check up, I was there for 30 minutes, by the end he was suggesting that I needed £48 worth of hygienist treatment which prior to the grand revamp was carried out by the dentist!!! I am not really sure how I feel about all of this. I miss my trusty, slightly rough around the edge dependable dentist :(

Friday we went out to the school Quiz night, its a strange evening, we have been going for a few years with virtually the same team. This year the school hall was packed, there seemed to be far more people there than I have seen before. The thing about this quiz is that we don't really want to win, its a balance between not showing yourself up, but not winning or you will have to do the questions the following year . Half way we were third, but luckily by the end we faded and live to be contestants for another year!

I have been lucky for Mothers Day, I have had some flowers and some sweets, a bottle of Port and a bottle of wine. It was nice to see Laura who popped over this morning. Carl called in this afternoon and Beth has been here all the time!!! It has also been a sad day thinking about Mum not being with us anymore. We popped down to the Grave yard and left some pink rose for her there.

This weekend I have been able to catch up with some scrap booking. I still like to scrapbook, and I like to do it in time order, so it gets a bit daunting when you realise that you are only as far as last years summer holiday!. So I have ordered some more photos for my next session.

So here we are at the start of another week of slog, Still looking forward to a few weekends away!

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