Monday, March 30, 2015

Been a 'diverse' sort of week!!!

At the moment I am certainly packing lots of things into a week. Last week ended with our bargain trip to Poland after it started with making some remembrance flowers for a friends Mums funeral. 
No one likes a funeral, its a sad time for everyone involved and I really think that the people who provide services around that end up charging the earth because generally people can't in their grief shop around or make other arrangements. My friend and I have now made several floral tributes and while we don't do them for a profit, it makes you realise just how much the mark up is on funeral flowers!! Because we don't have the whole sale accounts to buy the flowers we are at the whim of whatever is available at the time, so you have to be flexible. At the end when we added up the actual cost it came to around a third of the cost of shop bought ones.

We started with all of the flowers above, fifty roses, pink and White chrysanthemums, purple statice, white spray carnations and some gyp. Several hours later we turned them into these -

We were pleased with the flowers and I know that they were well received!

On Thursday just gone Tom and I flew to Warsaw, a short break that I had booked last September. We got an absolute deal £69 each including flights and bed and breakfast at a 4 star Hampton by Hilton hotel in Warsaw  city centre. We flew from Stansted Airport, after leaving early in the morning we arrived at the airport only to find the queues for bag drop and security were huge. We had planned on grabbing a magazine and a cup of tea but we cleared security with 15 minutes to spare!! So we went straight from there to boarding. Arrival in Warsaw was much easier, it was clearly a two plane sort of airport, we only saw one other plane there as we were getting off, so we sailed through passport control and collected our bags in minutes! I had arranged for a car to collect us as the airport we arrived at (Modlin) was described as Warsaw airport, but like London Luton airport it is quite a long way from Warsaw. So I had a fleeting moment of fame when I saw my name being held by a lady waiting in arrivals. This lovely lady took us to our hotel. 

We struck lucky with the hotel, it was a new one in very nice location. We were given a choice of floors so we took a high floor (12) the view was great!

We set off for the old town for a look around. It was an interesting place, recently designated a site of special interest by UNESCO. It is the newest 'old' town in Europe! During the second world war, the city was bombed out of existence and was rebuilt afterwards in the style of the original town. 

The town square looked very like Town Squares that I am familiar with in Holland, we could have been in Amsterdam or Delph, Pavement cafes and lots of restaurants with some interesting little shops. 
We walked around and headed back to the hotel later in the afternoon, we were tired from the early start and all the walking, my tracker on the phone said we had walked over five miles (which is good for me!!) We put our feet up for a bit. 
Right I am tired now, the loss of an hour for  British Summertime and the travelling is taking its toll!!
Come back for the next thrilling instalment!

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