Monday, April 24, 2006

Clare did it again !!

Thank you Clare for getting me sorted yet again. I was unable to get the slider to work and she stepped in and sorted it out all for the offer of a Holographic green wheelbarrow!! What a star, what a gal!! I really am grateful for her crash course in tampering with templates.

Well it was back to work today, they day flew by and before I knew it, it was time to finish I had been busy all day but I don't feel like I have done too much..

Tonight I spoke to Mum and Dad and they have not had a good day. Dad is very tired and has been suffering from a pain in his tummy. The Doctor came out this morning and said that he thought it might be something to do with his bowels again. So more medicine to try and keep things moving. Mums legs are playing up again and the Docter saw her as well, Tom got her prescription filled. I hope things pick up for them soon.

The trampoline has been in use again, with Brogan from next door having a go. Tracey and Clive next door have told us that they are putting their house on the market, which is quite sad, they have been great neighbours for the past 14 years ! Beth will miss Brogan and Lewis.

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Shell said...

Love the banner!!!!