Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lazy Sunday......

We got up this morning to pouring rain, which has cramped the trampoliners style !!

Last night when we tried to put the cover on it we couldn't get it to fit. Carl and I tried to stretch it over the top but it was having none of it!!

We went out again and tried, this time contending with all the water that had collected on top of it over night. Again with no luck, so we have concluded that they have sent us the wrong size. I have emailed the company this morning and will have to wait and see what happens.

Today I must try and do something creative. I have a few projects I could do, but have not got started on any of them. We are going out for dinner at Mum and Dads, we are cooking the roast potatoes!!

I want to be able to do things with this blog, but I am really a clutz and I am struggling to make the changes that I want to, I am hoping Clare will give me a hand!!

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Sue said...

Yayy Lizzy !!!. This is very addictive i will warn you :)