Saturday, February 03, 2007

I have swapped over.

This was a 'Chilled out' Beth sitting on the edge of the pool
in France at Camping Zagarella.

These photos were taken at Lego land at the end of October
I like the way there is movement in the photos!

This was also at Lego land, I followed a pencil lines
sketch for this, but failed to submit it!

Me and the beautiful Ginge after our meal out in
Manchester November last year

Mother and daughter baking session November 06

Well I decided last night to swap over to 'New' Blogger and to be honest it was a bit of a nightmare. It ate my header, and I had to call on international rescue in the form of Elfin to sort out where I needed to put the coding (Thanks Elaine) She sorted that out, but the header was cut in half. Once the code was in I was able to make another banner and fiddle with it, so welcome to my new look blog!

I have not finished as there are a few things that still need sorting, it now looks 'boring' so I am working on that. I lost my slide on the change so I have to go and find that and while there i am going to make a new one.

I also think blogs look bland without a few photos, so I have decide to include a few of my recent scrapping efforts.

I would like to admit to lifting one design from Lousette (my scrapping hero) Its the Summer Fun layout, which is a near copy of one of hers.


Shirley said...

Ooooh loving the colour and those Los are FAB!csouxb

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous ... all of them. Love your interpretation of the Summer fun layout ... although now I really feel like sipping a coctail sitting next to a sparkling blue pool somewhere exotic. HOW LONG MUST THIS WINTER LAST !!!! She shouts.