Sunday, February 18, 2007

Some new layouts.

In most of these photographs it was snowing hard, making the photos look 'foggy' It was a fantastic day with loads of snow. We had loads of fun made a load of snowmen. Carl was covered in snow, from the fights he had with everyone !!
Out the front, Carl threw snowballs at poor Hunny. She loved it and tried to eat them!! (The lines in real life are actually straight, but they have distorted when I took the photograph !!)

Beth made loads of snow men, this is building in the back garden.

Beth is a Dr Who Fiend, she loves the program, watches it every chance she gets, collects magazines, and has a million cards ! Over Christmas she used up a whole roll of tin foil changing some old boxes into daleks and cybermen. She even made one that moved !! She is very imaginative!

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Jen said...

OOooh yummy LOs. Gorgeous big flakes, how did you do them?