Saturday, February 03, 2007

Just got back.

This afternoon I went swimming again, with Heather,Beth Ali and Emma. The kids went on the inflatables and the diving boards, Heather and I slogged up and down the pool. I say slog because its so boring. During my swim I try and amuse myself, counting strokes, counting lengths, timing myself,counting the number of lights on the ceiling, you name it I count it!!

In the couple of hours we were there I managed 50 lengths (50 x 33metres = 1650 metres) Heather did 70!! (she is much more experienced than I am and she kept plodding while I stopped to play with the kids in the middle)

So this week I have done 82 lengths a grand total of 2706 metres, or 1.7 miles, now my shoulders ache!!

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Shirley said...

Good grief woman!
Well done you!