Friday, February 09, 2007

Its all gone slushy!!

I had a very busy day at work today, which was a shame as I started with nothing in my book and lots of time to sort out the mess in the office. As usual there was another last minute crisis which meant I was there until 5pm!!

This afternoon it snowed quite hard, but it soon turned to rain, now all we have left is a load of very wet slush and the remains of a sad snowman in the back car park.

I am now at the beginning of 4 fabulous days off of work. Tonight I am going to make some jewelry for my Friends daughter Hannah, its her 17th birthday tomorrow. I don't like just giving money and she has already said that she loves my bracelets, it would be shame not to give her one!!

I am hoping that the roads are OK tomorrow, if they are I will be going swimming must keep up the pressure on the keep fit lark. Yesterday I actually noticed my weight loss. I put on a coat that I hadn't worn for ages and it was LOOSE !! Great news.

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