Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We went Bowling!

Today we went bowling with our friends Wendy, Hannah and lee. We had a lane booked for 12 pm but they were so far behind that we didn't get on until 12.30, they we had lane trouble, every time Carl scored a strike the lane would not reset itself. This was a nuisance as he scored 4 strike on the trot at the beginning of the first game! Eventually we got our of there at 3.30 so a good afternoon out even though it was a little frustrating at time.
After the bowling we went for a MacDonald's. The kids had their usual but I was good and had a bag of fruit and a diet coke. Wendy on the other hand blew it, she had a Mcflurry which she thought would be a few syns, but not the 16 that it turned out to be when she got home !!
Mind you she is a skinny minny anyway!
Beth stayed at theirs for tea tonight and Wendy took her into town to have her passport photos taken. They look quite good all things considered!!

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