Sunday, September 30, 2007

Been collecting a few conkers!!

This afternoon we went out for a walk around the lakes followed by a conker collecting hunt in Ayot Green. Megan came with us and the girls had a great time, running around and playing. We were very disappointed with the playground at the lakes, it was fine if you were under 5, but over 5's are not catered for at all. I might have to write to the council, it used to be so much better than that!!
So now we have a mega carrier bag full of conkers which will end up sweating in the bag and festering until they stink and rot away!!


suebaru said...

Now that is so spooky...we went down to the lakes this morning and to Ayot this afternoon too....and saw that dragonfly.....

domestic goddess said...

lol are you stalking Sue?!?!?!
love those photos Lyzzy