Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time is flying!!

I can hardly believe that its only 19 days until we go to Florida!! The next couple of weeks are packed with so much stuff its quite worrying. I have a conference in Plymouth to go to, Carl turns 17 and has decided that he wants a get together for his friends, so we have booked Quazar in Hemel Hempstead. So that's another evening written off.
All we are doing at the moment is running from one place to another ferrying the kids around. I feel exhausted and will really need the break, I think the ways things are going I will turn up with a tooth brush and change of underwear can't see me having too much time to pack any more!!!
Tonight I have printed out everything to do with the holiday and put it in a folder for Wendy and Laura, I think that having three copies should be safe enough!!

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suebaru said...

Don't go with out me giving you a shopping list!!;)