Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am happy!!

Today my layout starring our sponsored child Betewush appeared in Scrapbooking Inspirations, I know because my mum phoned and told me so !!! I haven't got my copy yet! I have read the article and I am pleased with it , although I am not sure about being described as a veteran scrapper!!! (I am knocking on a bit!!)
I have had a busy day at work, I have driven a fair few miles and sat on the M25 for longer that I needed to. I now have a few days off, so I hope to catch up with a few photos, with just over three weeks to my holiday I need to be clear for my holiday pics!!


Scrapdragons said...


I was just blog strolling & stumbled across yours. Fun stuff here.


Heather said...

It was stunning, completely inspired and I loved it :D congrats, you deserved to have it published :D

Anonymous said...

congratulations, i must pick up a copy