Sunday, October 07, 2007

7 More days!!

Only 8 days until we start our holiday. I can't believe its so close, it was in the high 400's when we booked it, where has the time gone?? I am now worried that it is going to go by too fast and I want to slow it down a bit. I want every minute to last for ten so that I can fully savour the moment!! All that's left is for me to pack the bags, WHOOPPEEEEE
This week is a busy one, Carl turns 17 on Thursday, he is going out with some mates on Tuesday to celebrate. His driving licence has finally turned up so he is having his first lesson next Saturday morning, how can my baby be old enough for driving lessons??

Last Friday night I spent a lovely evening with my friend and neighbour Karen, great company, the odd bottle of port, with lemonade, listening to classic 70's music on Magic on the TV. The really nice thing to come out of our evening is a trip to Wembley to see Donny Osmond in concert, I'll be able to sing along with all the classics, Puppy Love, 12Th of never......Dreamy.
Roll on Friday!!!

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