Saturday, October 13, 2007

What a night!!!!

Last night I went to see Donny Osmond at Wembly Arena, well what a show and what a singer. He is every bit as good as he was when he was my teen idol back on the 70's. I went with my neighbour Karen and two other friends Lyn and Sue, Karen being the biggest fan had had the tickets for a while but had a last minute drop out so I was invited!!!
The atmosphere was fantastic and Donny can really sing!! We were the centre of row 11, just 11 rows from the front, we felt we could just about touch him, in fact at one point he came down into the audience and Karen managed to shake his hand. (before swooning and swearing never to wash her hand ever again !!!!)
At the end of the evening we headed home, the only way to finish the evening was a KFC, so we headed for Hatfield and bought ourselves one. When I was much younger and used to go out with Madeline we used eat out chicken and then throw the empty boxes up the poshest drives we could find, so as we were reliving our youth it just had to be done. So we packed up out rubbish and slung it in the back garden of a posh house in Panshanger. I hadn't laughed so much in ages, our ribs were aching!! I think we really led Sue off the straight and narrow, she'll not be able to hold her head up in public ever again!!!
Best bit is they are having an Osmonds Concert on the 30th of May next year, I have put our chief ticket getter (Karen)on the case!!


Heather said...

Fantastic! So jealous as I lubs him too :D

Sue said...

Ditto heather.........sigh
Glad you had such a fantastic time :)