Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Last Supper

Tonight was our last meal out in Florida,we hit Bob Evans again. We had a darling waiter who was very attentive and a laugh. We got home around 10pm the kids went for a dip, although it was a bit nippy only 75 degrees.Our room looks like a bomb site not sure how this lot is going to get packed.
On the last day Beth discovered pin trading another Disney money making experience she spent the last of her dollars on a lanyard and some pins to swap.After talking to a friendly cast member we found out some are more collectable than others,so while dodging the showers she went off in seach of secret mickey cast member pins.wish we had done this earlier she loved swapping.


Shirley said...

What did poor old Bob Evans do that was so bad that you hit him twice? Was it a collective hit or did you all have a go individually?

suebaru said...

Are you home yet??!