Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tonight is weigh in night!!

Tonight I lost two pounds and won slimmer of the week for the 4th time !! I have now got a big bag of fruit and have cracked the 30lbs off!!
Still on the way down !! Whoopee!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Spring has sprung!

A sure sign that spring is on the way, all these beautiful flowers coming into flower
in Mum and Dads garden. I wish my garden was more like this, but it has been taken over by a huge trampoline. I suppose that its only for a few years !!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I have spent some time scrapping!

Carl covered in snow, playing out the front!

Tom and I posing behind the house!

Beth and carl and an uncropped layout.

Madeline and I blowing out my candles!!

I feel that I have made good progress this weekend. I really need to get out now because I have just about run out of current photographs again!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Long Time No Blog!!

Well Beth enjoyed Matt Willis, she said that he was even more dreamy in real life that on the TV, hard to believe!!

I have not had a good dieting week, last night we all went out for a lovely Chinese meal with Laura and Scott. Carl ate so much that he felt sick!

Today I have been busy, been out to the shops, bought Carl some new school shoes. I am hoping this pair last longer that the month the last pair lasted. (something to do with playing football on a muddy field at lunchtime)I made eye appointments for us all in a couple of weeks time.

Beth is out at a party, roller city followed by a party at Lee's house.

This has given me time to do 8 scrapbook pages, I have finished all the snow photos and now I am starting on the school photos and sports photos.

Yesterday Beth took part in a local schools sports event, 5 boys and 5 girls from each school were picked to take part. She loved it and was very good. Tom and I went along to spectate.

Yesterday I power washed my printers tray, so I am now ready to start decorating it, the problem is that the gaps are so small, everything I had in mind is far too big!

Today I have received a great birthday present from my online friend Clare, a beautiful canvas to decorate my scrapping area! Thank You Clare!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Still on the way down!!

Just got back from Slimming world and I am thrilled to have lost another 5 lbs ! That brings the grand total to 2 stones and 1/2 a pound!
I won slimmer of the week again.
I have had two Ferrero Rochers as a treat! (I got a box for my birthday and these are the only two that I have had!)

Beth has gone to London tonight with my god daughter Emma, they have gone to see Matt Willis in concert. Beth loves him and Emma has treated her. I don't think they will be back too early!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The day after.

I am pleased with this photo, the whole family on my birthday, in the living room, even Laura is smiling which is nice.Great to see dad looking so well and mum is happy.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Birthday Cake last night with Madeline, after a very nice
dinner with her family and mine!!

Thank You to all my friends for all my beautiful presents!!

Above are the beautiful beads I have received for my birthday. On the left is a Dolly bead from Shirleen!! (will ask Jaq what her name is!) Then a blue bead from my son, followed by Apple Dolly. Then a pink bead from Beth.

I want to say thank you to Shirl for the beautiful Dolly Bead. Jo (Rudishoes) for the fantastic exploding box, blossoms AND Jo Sonjas Paint and varnish. (I am blown away with these!!)

Izzy for the rub ons and Very usefil notebook.

I got some fantastic cards from Lousette, Correna,Izzy,Shirl and Jo.

Thank you all!!

The family bought me some beads for my bracelet,Perfume,a fantastic triple Disney CD (to get me in the mood for our holiday a whole 8 months ahead of time!!) Flowers, photo frame, scarf. I have been so lucky.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Some new layouts.

In most of these photographs it was snowing hard, making the photos look 'foggy' It was a fantastic day with loads of snow. We had loads of fun made a load of snowmen. Carl was covered in snow, from the fights he had with everyone !!
Out the front, Carl threw snowballs at poor Hunny. She loved it and tried to eat them!! (The lines in real life are actually straight, but they have distorted when I took the photograph !!)

Beth made loads of snow men, this is building in the back garden.

Beth is a Dr Who Fiend, she loves the program, watches it every chance she gets, collects magazines, and has a million cards ! Over Christmas she used up a whole roll of tin foil changing some old boxes into daleks and cybermen. She even made one that moved !! She is very imaginative!

I've been creative!!!

Toady I woke up early and came downstairs, I sat down and did 3 double layouts before 9.30am!! I am pleased with them, as well, fairly simple, and involving my craft robo. I intend to post them once I have photographed them !!
It feels good.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feeling Good!!

Tonight I lost another 3 1/2 lbs !! making the grand total of 23 1/2 lbs in 5 weeks. I am well happy. As a bonus I wond slimmer of the week and came away with a bag full of fruit!
Doing a happy dance !!

Happy Valentines Day !!

Today my dear husband Tom presented me with a beautiful bunch of red roses. The kids gave me a huge mixed bunch of red flowers, chrysanthemums and carnations. Beth made me a lovely card. I never get Tom anything but he said he doesn't want anything!!

I will take a photo and post it later.

Tonight is weigh in night. I feel that I have had a good week, so I have my fingers crossed. I will wear my very lightest pair of knickers !!

I am quite addicted to the sweet and sour sauce that appeared in a recent magazine. I have made it three times now using chicken floured quorn. Its a hugh hit, its only Tom that doesn't like it. Mind you he doesn't like sweet and sour anyway !!

We went Bowling!

Today we went bowling with our friends Wendy, Hannah and lee. We had a lane booked for 12 pm but they were so far behind that we didn't get on until 12.30, they we had lane trouble, every time Carl scored a strike the lane would not reset itself. This was a nuisance as he scored 4 strike on the trot at the beginning of the first game! Eventually we got our of there at 3.30 so a good afternoon out even though it was a little frustrating at time.
After the bowling we went for a MacDonald's. The kids had their usual but I was good and had a bag of fruit and a diet coke. Wendy on the other hand blew it, she had a Mcflurry which she thought would be a few syns, but not the 16 that it turned out to be when she got home !!
Mind you she is a skinny minny anyway!
Beth stayed at theirs for tea tonight and Wendy took her into town to have her passport photos taken. They look quite good all things considered!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Mmm.... Strawberries!!

This is one of the big plus points of being on a healthy eating plan.
Its perfectly acceptable to go out and spend £1.99 on a punnet of juicy red strawberries. Far better for you than a packet of sweets or a bar of chocolate. These strawberries are no more since I have eaten them with some sweetener. They were Delicious, but I did miss the dollop of double fresh cream whipped into soft peaks , Mmmmmmm. Lush !!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Keep on swimming, swimming swimming....

In the words of Dory, keep on swimming , swimming, swimming!! well today I did another 30 lengths, a real slog as I was just not into it. I wanted to stop cos I was just plain fed up with it. I got there in the end, stopped to play with the kids in the middle.
Now I am off to make sweet and sour again, it was lovely last week going to adjust it a bit and do the recipe again.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Its all gone slushy!!

I had a very busy day at work today, which was a shame as I started with nothing in my book and lots of time to sort out the mess in the office. As usual there was another last minute crisis which meant I was there until 5pm!!

This afternoon it snowed quite hard, but it soon turned to rain, now all we have left is a load of very wet slush and the remains of a sad snowman in the back car park.

I am now at the beginning of 4 fabulous days off of work. Tonight I am going to make some jewelry for my Friends daughter Hannah, its her 17th birthday tomorrow. I don't like just giving money and she has already said that she loves my bracelets, it would be shame not to give her one!!

I am hoping that the roads are OK tomorrow, if they are I will be going swimming must keep up the pressure on the keep fit lark. Yesterday I actually noticed my weight loss. I put on a coat that I hadn't worn for ages and it was LOOSE !! Great news.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Shock Horror a photo of me!!

Well apart from looking like a nun wearing a wimple (it was the only thing I could find to cover my hair as I was fresh out of the shower!) I am quite happy with these photos !!

We have had a wonderful Snowy day !!

Carl was off of school, his school closed early for half yesterday. Beth was supposed to be at school, I phoned her school and they said it was open, but she wanted to stay at home and play out with the snow, so she bunked off!
In all Beth managed to soak her coat through three times, she was in and out all day and had a thoroughly good time.
It is now thawing and I think if it freezes tonight it will be quite dangerous.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just back.

I have just got back from my weekly trip to Slimming world. Tonight I lost 5 lbs!! Making a grand total of 20 lbs in one month. I am so pleased, I think I read somewhere that once you do something for 28 days that it becomes a habit, so here's hoping that applies to not eating sweets as well!!
Mum did very well, she lost 6 lbs and won slimmer of the week for the second time!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thank You Clare.

Once again I have been rescued by Clare Brown Blogger Header fiddler extraordinaire!! She got rid of the dot for me (.) and even put a thin brown line around my header. Thank You Clare. I would also like to thank Yizz for reworking some of the photos that I used. I can claim the collage as all my own work though !!

New Header.

This afternoon I have spent ages making a new header and trying to get the blooming thing to look right. It keeps slipping and looks as if I have not got it loaded straight. I have asked a few friends to see how it loads on their machines, fingers crossed.
I am pleased with it if it loads without being wonky!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Just got back.

This afternoon I went swimming again, with Heather,Beth Ali and Emma. The kids went on the inflatables and the diving boards, Heather and I slogged up and down the pool. I say slog because its so boring. During my swim I try and amuse myself, counting strokes, counting lengths, timing myself,counting the number of lights on the ceiling, you name it I count it!!

In the couple of hours we were there I managed 50 lengths (50 x 33metres = 1650 metres) Heather did 70!! (she is much more experienced than I am and she kept plodding while I stopped to play with the kids in the middle)

So this week I have done 82 lengths a grand total of 2706 metres, or 1.7 miles, now my shoulders ache!!

I have swapped over.

This was a 'Chilled out' Beth sitting on the edge of the pool
in France at Camping Zagarella.

These photos were taken at Lego land at the end of October
I like the way there is movement in the photos!

This was also at Lego land, I followed a pencil lines
sketch for this, but failed to submit it!

Me and the beautiful Ginge after our meal out in
Manchester November last year

Mother and daughter baking session November 06

Well I decided last night to swap over to 'New' Blogger and to be honest it was a bit of a nightmare. It ate my header, and I had to call on international rescue in the form of Elfin to sort out where I needed to put the coding (Thanks Elaine) She sorted that out, but the header was cut in half. Once the code was in I was able to make another banner and fiddle with it, so welcome to my new look blog!

I have not finished as there are a few things that still need sorting, it now looks 'boring' so I am working on that. I lost my slide on the change so I have to go and find that and while there i am going to make a new one.

I also think blogs look bland without a few photos, so I have decide to include a few of my recent scrapping efforts.

I would like to admit to lifting one design from Lousette (my scrapping hero) Its the Summer Fun layout, which is a near copy of one of hers.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Another swim

Last night I went swimming and it felt good, this time I pushed myself to 32 lengths, which was brilliant, 2 more than the last time. I am going again tomorrow and I will be aiming at 34 lengths. The only problem is its sooooo bloody boring, all that sloshing around. If I wear goggles I can see fine under water but not on top and if I don't wear goggles I can see on top but not underneath, its a nuisance, at least with goggles I don't get sore eyes.

Last night I took Heather (40 lengths) and Wendy (new victim 12 lengths!)