Saturday, April 26, 2008

One Busy Day!!!!

We had been planning for a while to replace our garden fence this weekend. Our neighbours had bought all the panels, posts and post mix all we really had to do was supply the labour. Yesterday I was up bright and early to take dad to the hospital for his hernia op, so when I came home I made the most of it and cracked on in the garden.
First of all I had to trim the rose bushes right back as I didn't want the workers getting shredded by the thorns. Once I had started I could stop and ended up taking one bush out entirely. We also had a very rampant ivy growing up the fence, and that took me a fair while to strip off and dig up. Some of it is still hanging around but I'll finish it tomorrow.
Anyway the 'men' have replaced 9 panels of fence plus the posts. I was sent out to buy a new gate but bought the wrong sort so I need to swap that tomorrow. The garden looks so much better and for the first time in a long time I am going to be able to go out and buy some new flowers for my patch of green. (plus I want a nice table and chairs set, a smart bistro set would do!!) The final bonus is that I put the old panels, which weren't broken but were mismatched and tired looking, on free cycle and they are being collected in the morning!!
In between all that mum and I went to collect dad from hospital, his hernia all fixed, now he is getting ready for his hip replacement!! (getting his money worth out of the National Health Service!!!)

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Debbielou said...

You've had a hectic day ! Glad your Dad is ok x

Tell Tom I've still got the big stick with his name on it and Malc will be eyeing up the fence !