Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well would you believe it???

Today I received a 'red letter' from a catalogue company that I bought some T Shirts from at the end of last year. My account has been fully paid up since February, so to get a red letter was a bit of a surprise!!

It said ;-
Dear Mrs Dee,
Having tried to contact you on several occasions you have failed to maintain repayment of your account. We are prepared to help you, but you must take responsibility for clearing this debt. The debt will not go away on its own. You must pay the arrears within 48 hours to avoid action being taken to recover the debt via the courts.
Please make the minimum payment of £0.00 within 48 hours to avoid court involvement.

At the bottom of the letter was a useful payment slip which showed a minimum payment of £0.00 to clear the balance of £0.00 !!!

I am now worried that all the other companies out there that I don't owe any money to may also come calling demanding payment, will I need debt counselling?? will I need to consolidate my debts with one loan of £0.00 to reduce my monthly outgoings?? I am not sure what to do now !!!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I'm tagging you darlink xx

Sue said...

Bugger..i wanted to tag you too!
will be back to read your answers though

suebaru said...

It could only happen to you.....!!

Debbielou said...

I think that you should demand court involvement and claim costs !!!

Alexandra said...

That is too too funny!!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Britta Coleman said...

Too funny. I once received a letter like that from a magazine: "Dear Ms. Coleman, We all make mistakes and your account..."

I sent them back a pithy little note that, yes, indeed, we do all make mistakes and that I hadn't subscribed to their magazine in over two years. The idea of the economy behind those letters...the paper, the ink, the postage, the (however ditzy) manpower to get it processed. What a waste.